Real-time RPO replication

Details about real-time data replication in Arpio

Understanding your real-time recovery-point objective (RPO)

Your recovery point objective is defined by the maximum gap of time your business application can afford to be down before service is restored. When real-time replication is selected for a supported resource, your RPO will be reduced to seconds.

 Supported resource types for Real-time replication in Arpio are:

  • EC2 Instances
  • RDS Aurora Clusters
  • DynamoDB Tables
  • S3 Buckets

For these resources, Arpio achieves real time replication by leveraging various native capabilities of AWS.

Enabling real-time RPOs

For any application in Arpio, you can enable a recovery point objective of "real-time" by adjusting the RPO slider in your application settings to the furthest left position.

Real-time RPO

When the Recovery point objective is set to Real-time replication, Arpio will automatically begin real-time replication for any supported resources. If additional configuration is required, Arpio will surface that information via an subsequent issue.

Note: to enable real time replication for EC2 instances, Arpio relies on an integration with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery. Click here for more information on how to configure this feature in your environment.

Real-time resources in your recovery environment with non-real-time resources

When you have real-time replication enabled for an application that includes other resources that are not real-time replicated, Arpio will apply the lowest RPO it can to them. Usually around 15 minutes.