How Does Real-time Replication Work for RDS?

Details on Arpio's Real-time Replication Solution for RDS

RDS Aurora

Arpio Enterprise supports real-time recovery for RDS Aurora Clusters. To do this, Arpio takes advantage of Aurora Global Database. When you set up an Arpio Enterprise application with an RDS database, and set your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to real-time, Arpio will:

  1. Create an Aurora Global Database with your cluster as the primary database.
  2. Create a secondary cluster in your recovery region.

With this setup, all writes to your primary database will automatically be replicated to your recovery region in real time.

In addition, Arpio will continue to create snapshots, and copy them to your recovery environment on a regular schedule. This protects you against various unexpected failure scenarios, such as the data in your primary database being tainted by bad actors.

When performing a failover, or test failover, Arpio allows you to choose which recovery point to use. If you choose the latest recovery point, then Arpio will restore your most recent data by restoring from the secondary cluster. If you choose an older recovery point then Arpio will use one of the snapshots stored in your recovery environment.

RDS Instances

We are currently working on real-time support for RDS Instances that are not part of an Aurora Cluster. Please reach out if you are interested in this feature.