Recovery Point Objective

What is a Recovery Point Objective?

A recovery point objective (RPO) is an industry standard term representing the maximum acceptable age of data that can be recovered in the event of a disaster. It represents the "freshness" of data in the recovery environment.

For each application in Arpio, you can define a recovery point objective in minutes or hours (or as "real-time", if you have real time RPO replication enabled), and Arpio works to ensure your latest recovery point is never older than this objective.

Arpio uses predictive analytics to achieve your recovery point objective by predicting how long it will take to capture the next recovery point. If your recovery point objective is 60 minutes, and Arpio believes it will take AWS 12 minutes to create the next recovery point, Arpio will begin that process when the current recovery point is 48 minutes old.

The ability to achieve a given recovery point objective depends on the AWS services being used and how long it takes AWS to capture the service's state and replicate it to the recovery environment.