Infrastructure Validation Checklist

Once you have launched your recovery test with Arpio, there are some basic steps you can take to validate your infrastructure is up & running as expected in your recovery environment (before you engage application teams for a full DR test).

We recommend starting with this basic checklist:

  • Validate that you can log into EC2 instances.
  • Once logged into EC2, validate that you can resolve an internal (AD-hosted) hostname.
  • Once an internal hostname is validated, validate that you can resolve an external hostname (i.e.
  • Validate that expected ECS tasks are up and running.
  • Validate that any expected-supported network pings are working.  Keep in mind that security groups have to allow that traffic -- so if your security groups don't allow pings, or you're pinging between machines that don't otherwise communicate, it might be expected that pings fail.
  • If possible, make a web request to any load balancers and see if they respond.  Ideally, you will get a valid response from an application, but even a 400 or 500 error response is a good sign that the load balancer is passing traffic to the application.

Contact for questions & assistance with these steps.