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Specify a resource type to replace the SSM Parameter value with the corresponding translated resource identifier

arpio-config:translate-id = <arpio-resource-type>


The Arpio resource type string indicates which type of resource the SSM Parameter value refers to.  See Supported Resource Types API to get a list of valid Arpio resource types.

Supported Resources

  • SSM Parameter

Supported Resource Identifiers (Parameter Value Formats)

See Supported Resource Types API for the full list of supported Arpio resources, and use the ArpioType format for the resource type value.


You can use the arpio-config:translate-id configuration tag to tell Arpio to replace an SSM Parameter value that refers to another resource’s identifier with the new identifier of the corresponding resource in the recovery environment.

Normally, when Arpio replicates an SSM Parameter it treats the Parameter value as an opaque string and copies it directly.   If you apply the arpio-config:translate-id tag to the Parameter with a supported resource type, Arpio will search all of those resources for one with a name that matches the Parameter value.  Then, when Arpio replicates the SSM Parameter, it will update the value of the replicated Parameter with the identifier of that matching replicated resource.

For example, say that you’ve requested that Arpio replicate your S3 bucket “my-bucket”.  Because S3 bucket names must be globally unique, Arpio will create a new name for the replicated bucket, say “my-recovery-bucket”.   If you set the original S3 bucket name “my-bucket” as the value for an SSM Parameter, and then add the tag “arpio-config:translate-id=s3Bucket” to the parameter, Arpio will update the value for the replicated SSM Parameter to “my-recovery-bucket”.