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Make Arpio ignore a resource, excluding it from recovery points

arpio-config:ignore = <any-value>


This tag can have any value, including an empty value.

Supported Resources

  • All


You can use the arpio-config:ignore tag to cause a resource to be ignored when Arpio scans your primary environment for resource it can protect.  When this tag is present on a resource, it will not appear in the Arpio web console, it will not match any application selection rule, and it will not be included in any recovery points that Arpio creates.

Use this tag only when instructed by Arpio support.

This tag is not typically used when configuring applications.  Arpio understands the dependencies between your resources and automatically includes those that are required to recover your application.  When you use the arpio-config:ignore tag, you may cause Arpio to ignore a resource that is required to successfully recover another resource.  

Make sure to test your application recovery after you apply the arpio-config:ignore tag.  If dependent resources can not be recovered during your testing, you can remove them from your application or make adjustments in your primary region to remove the dependency on the ignored resource.