Where does Arpio store my data?

Arpio stores your data in your recovery environment in the format that can most quickly be restored when you need it.

Arpio stores your backup data in your recovery environment where it is maintained in the region you wish to recover.  Arpio also stores your data locked down and resilient to a cyber attack on your primary environment.  You specify your recovery region and AWS account when you configure a new application. 

You are able to meet data sovereignty requirements by utilizing the recovery region that meets your data sovereignty needs.  This may include recovering within the same region as the primary environment.

The actual location and formats used to store your data depend upon the service where that data is managed in your primary environment.  Arpio uses the native backup formats for each service wherever possible, because they provide the fastest recovery times and usually the most cost-effective storage.  For example, EC2 instance data is stored as EBS snapshots in the recovery environment.  These snapshots can be used to quickly recover the EBS volumes for a recovered instance when needed.

The recovery format of the most common data types is as follows.  Additional details are available in the resource overview for each resource type.

EC2 Instance Stored as an AMI backed with EBS snapshots
AMI Stored as an AMI (also backed with EBS snapshots)
RDS Database Stored as an RDS snapshot
Aurora Database Stored as an Aurora cluster snapshot
DocumentDB Database Stored as a DocumentDB cluster snapshot
DynamoDB Table Manifests as a replicated table in the recovery environment with point-in-time backups for historical recovery points.
S3 Bucket Manifests as a replicated S3 bucket in the recovery environment
EFS File System Stored as an AWS Backup recovery point
FSx File System Stored as an AWS Backup
ECR Repository Container images stored in S3
Elastic Beanstalk Application Stored in S3
Secrets Manager Secrets Stored (encrypted so Arpio can't see the secret data) in S3
SSM Parameters Stored (encrypted, Arpio can't see the parameter data) in S3
Cognito User Pools Stored in S3