Welcome to Arpio

Arpio is a disaster recovery solution for Amazon Web Services. Our service makes it easy to automate disaster readiness and disaster recovery for workloads that run in AWS. In a matter of minutes, Arpio can fully automate business continuity plans for your AWS applications.

More Than a Backup Tool

Arpio is different than traditional offsite backup DR solutions. Offsite backup solutions focus on recovering your data (databases and virtual servers) but leave you to re-create everything around them. Arpio natively understands AWS workloads, and can recover your data and the network configuration, security settings, IAM identities, auto-scaling, load balancing, and everything else required to make your applications run.

Off Site and Locked Down

Disasters come in 2 forms: platform impairment and catastrophic data loss. Arpio protects you from both. Your recovery environment exists in an alternate AWS region of your choosing, isolated from impairments in your primary region. It can also exist in another AWS account, locked down, and not vulnerable to human error or cyber-attacks that threaten your data.

Arpio Makes Testing Easy

Your disaster recovery plans are only as good as your testing, but testing DR is historically hard. Most organizations test DR infrequently if they test it at all. Arpio fully automates application recovery, making it is easy to validate as often as you need.