FSx file system replication with Arpio

FSx for Windows File Server

Arpio can replicate file systems configured with either a self-managed Microsoft AD or an AWS Managed AD.

If you are using an AWS Managed Microsoft AD, you must set up the directory in your recovery environment before using Arpio replication to recover an FSx file system that uses the directory. See AWS Managed Microsoft AD for instructions on configuring your directory to be available in your recovery environment.

If you use a self-managed Microsoft AD, hosted on EC2 instances in your account, Arpio will automatically include those Windows EC2 instances in your application and replicate them to your recovery environment.

Arpio replicates the following FSx for Windows File Server resources.

File System

Arpio replicates file systems and their contents.

The following attributes are translated when replicating file systems to the recovery environment:




Translated to corresponding subnets that Arpio manages in the recovery environment


Translated to the corresponding VPC that Arpio manages in the recovery environment

Security Groups 

Translated to the corresponding Security Groups that Arpio manages in the recovery environment.   

Active Directory Configuration

Translated to use either the self-managed Microsoft AD or AWS Managed AD in the recovery environment.

The following resources are automatically selected into recovery points when using a self-managed Microsoft Active Directory:

  • EC2 Instances that host the self-managed Microsoft AD

Required Credentials for Self-Managed Microsoft AD

When Arpio recovers a file system that uses a self-managed Microsoft AD, the file system in the recovery environment is configured to authenticate to the directory using the username that Arpio read from the primary environment.  Because Arpio cannot read the password associated with that username, you must configure a specific Parameter Store parameter containing the appropriate password after you add the file system to your Arpio application.  Arpio will notify you when it's time to create this parameter and tell you the name of the parameter that must be created.