EventBridge replication with Arpio

Arpio replicates the following resource types from Amazon's EventBridge service.

EventBridge Event Bus

Arpio replicates custom event buses when you select associated rules or archives in your applications.  Arpio replicates the default event bus configuration when you select associated resources.

EventBridge Archive

Arpio recovers archives in the recovery environment by creating new archives during recovery.  Arpio doesn't recover the event data from the primary environment; recovery environment archives are created empty and store events published to associated recovery environment event buses.

EventBridge Rule

Arpio replicates the event bridge rules you include in your applications, and it translates rule targets to the appropriate recovery environment resources for the following supported target types:

  • EC2 RebootInstances API call
  • EC2 StopInstances API call
  • EC2 TerminateInstances API call
  • ECS Task
  • Lambda Function
  • SNS Topic
  • SQS Queue

Target ARNs for resource types not listed above are converted to point to the recovery AWS account ID and recovery region during recovery.  You can create those resources manually after recovering your application with Arpio to enable those EventBridge rules to invoke those resources.