CloudWatch resource replication with Arpio

Arpio replicates the following resource types from Amazon CloudWatch.

CloudWatch Alarm

Arpio identifies CloudWatch alarms in the primary environment that are referenced by AutoScaling policies. These alarms are replicated to the recovery environment to support auto scaling of recovery environment resources.

The following attributes are translated when replicating a CloudWatch Alarm to the recovery environment:

  • Alarm actions are updated to reference the ARNs of the corresponding resources in the recovery environment. If an alarm action references a resource that is not selected in the primary environment, that action is omitted.
  • SNS Topics are automatically selected and replicated into recovery points if they are referenced by a corresponding alarm action.
  • Alarm dimensions referencing EC2 instances are updated to reference the corresponding EC2 instances in the recovery environment
  • Alarm dimensions referencing EC2 images are updated to reference the corresponding EC2 images in the recovery environment