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Configure the batching window duration for the Arpio DynamoDB replication function

arpio-config:stream:MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds = <number>


The tag's value must be a number that is valid for the MaximumBatchingWindowInSeconds property of the event source mapping that connects the tagged DynamoDB table to the Arpio replicator Lambda function.

Supported Resources

  • DynamoDB Table


You can use this tag to configure a custom batching window duration for the event source mapping that's used to handle changed item events for the table the configuration tag is applied to.  Each time Arpio starts to create a recovery point, it will update the event source mapping's batching window duration to match the value in this configuration tag.  See Lambda event source mapping batching behavior for information about batching and guidance on setting an appropriate value.

Arpio uses a default duration of 0, which means that items are replicated as soon as they are changed.  Most tables do not require a custom batching window to be configured, but tables that support very high rates of change may benefit from a larger duration.  Contact Arpio support for assistance in tuning replication settings for high-throughput tables.