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Define OpenSearch indices to include or exclude in a recovery

arpio-config:opensearch-indexes = <opensearch index pattern>

<opensearch index pattern>

An index pattern using the index selection format defined by OpenSearch.  See the OpenSearch Take and Restore Snapshot docs for more about the OpenSearch index selection format.   Because AWS does not allow commas or asterisks in OpenSearch domain tag values, you must:

  • replace the wildcard character "*" with a plus sign "+"
  • replace the index list separator comma "," with a space " "

Supported Resources

  • OpenSearch Domain


By default, all non-administrative OpenSearch indexes are replicated during a recovery event. The arpio-config:opensearch-indexes tag can be set on an OpenSearch domain to define which indexes of the domain should be snapshotted and replicated. The value for this tag follows the snapshot index selection format defined by OpenSearch, with changes to allow for supported characters in AWS tab values.

In brief:

  • Use " " (a single space) as a separator instead of "," for a list of index patterns
  • Use "+" as a wildcard in a pattern to match multiple indexes, instead of "*"
  • Continue to use "-" to exclude indexes matching the pattern (no changes from the OpenSearch format)

For example, this pattern causes all prod-sentiment indexes to be replicated, and all prod-logs indexes to be ignored: prod-sentiment+ -prod-logs+

To ignore all index data, use the exclude all value: -+






prod-sentiment+ -prod-logs+

Replicate all prod-sentiment indexes, and ignore all prod-logs indexes



Ignore all index data