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Override the device name that Arpio knows a given block device by when managing your recovery with real time replication and DRS.

arpio-config:drs-device-name = <internal-device-name>


The internal device name the DRS agent uses for the block device this volume is attached at.

Supported Resources

  • Volume


You can use the arpio-config:drs-device-name configuration tag to override the device name that Arpio knows a given block device by.  You apply the tag to the EC2 volume that's attached to an EC2 instance that Arpio is protecting.

This is an option because, with DRS, the device name that DRS knows is the device that is visible to its agent on the inside of the virtual machine that it's replicating.  That name may be different from the device name that is known to EC2, and that Arpio relies upon.

Customers can add a tag to their EBS volume that overrides the device name that EC2 knows for a given attached volume.  When overridden with the device name that DRS sees, Arpio configures DRS accordingly.






The first example indicates that the volume with this tag is known to the DRS agent as /dev/nvme0n1.  The agent configures the target environment block devices with this name, and Arpio can then update its configuration to match the config of the volume in the source environment.