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Specify that the recovered resource's contents or value should be created empty, and not be changed by Arpio

arpio-config:self-managed = <any value>

<any value>

The presence of the arpio-config:self-managed configuration tag enables the behavior.  The value may be any valid tag value, including an empty string.

Supported Resources

  • Secrets Manager Secret


You can use the arpio-config:self-managed configuration tag to tell Arpio to leave the contents or value of the recovered resource empty when it first recovers the resource and to preserve any customer-configured value in subsequent updates.

Application Notes

Secrets Manager Secrets

When this configuration tag is applied to a Secrets Manager Secret, Arpio will create the secret resource and manage its resource policy, but it will not set a secret value or manage secret stages.  Values customers set in the secret will be preserved when Arpio updates the secret in the future (for example, to apply resource policy changes).