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Override the DNS settings on a DHCP Options Group

arpio-config:domain-name-servers = <dns-server-ip-1>[,<dns-server-ip-2>...]


Specify a comma-delimited list of IP addresses for the DNS servers to use in the recovery environment. 

Supported Resources

  • DHCP Options Groups


You can use the arpio-config:domain-name-servers configuration tag to override the DNS servers that Arpio will provision to a replicated DHCP Options Group.  This is often required when using the arpio-config:renumber tag to specify an alternate CIDR block for recovery environment VPCs as any DNS servers (oftentimes hosted on Active Directory servers) hosted within that VPC will be launched with a different IP address.

The arpio-config:renumber tag prompts Arpio to use a different CIDR block on the recovery environment VPC, and to project the IP addresses of all primary environment servers into that CIDR when recovering those servers.  As such, you can predict the new IP addresses of your recovered DNS servers based on their current addresses and the CIDR block specified with arpio-config:renumber.  For example, if a VPC with a primary environment CIDR of is being renumbered to in the recovery environment, a primary environment DNS server with an IP address of will be recovered as in the recovery environment.  The address should be provided in the value for this configuration tag.